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The actions of the just smell sweet and blossom in the dust

Noble College is one of the oldest Institutions in India started by the Christian Missionaries. It began as a school founded in 1843 by Rev.Robert Turlington Noble, who was sent by the Church Missionary Society in England to serve in the areas of both Education and Evangelism.1864 is the year of inerasable memory, when the school is blossomed into College status, affiliated to Madras University. It flourished as the Leading College in South India until 1938. In the year 1938, the Lindsay Commission suggested that Noble College, Machilipatnam and Andhra Christian College, Guntur should be merged and a united College to be started at Vijayawada. Accordingly, Noble College was closed in 1938, but the proposed College was permanently shelved.

During the 74 years of existence in the first phase, Noble College gave people of living end to the world and was the cradle for many great sons of India. To name a few, Dr. B. Pattabhi Sitaramaiah (President of Indian National Congress, Governor of Madhya Pradesh and Founder of Andhra Bank), Sri.Mutnuri Krishna Rao (Freedom fighter and Editor of “Krishna Pathrica”), Sri. Kasu Brahmananda Reddy (former Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Union Home Minister, Governor of Maharashtra), Sri. Koka Subba Rao, (former Chief Justice of Supreme Court), Smt. Manchala Krishnamma, (first woman graduate from Madras University), Sri.Viswanadha Satyanarayana (veteran poet and Gnanapeet Awardee) were among the proud alumni of the beginning phase.

Though the united College did not materialize, miraculously, under the prayerful leadership of Rt. Rev. Dr. N.D. Anandarao Samuel, the then Bishop in Krishna-Godavari Diocese, the College had its rebirth in June 1966 after getting the approval of the University and Government. The College started functioning in July 1966 with Sri.A.F. Thyagaraju, M.A. (London) as its first Principal. The College was formally inaugurated on 27th August 1966 by Sri. Kasu Brahmananda Reddy, the then Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and a former student of Noble College. Sri.B.V.Subba Reddy the then speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradesh and also a former student presided over the function. Professor K.R.Srinivasa Iyengar, the then Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University delivered the inaugural address. The 50 years old Noble College has been a leading educational institution serving all sections of community in and around Machilipatnam. With the motto “That they all may be one” the institution till date strives to live up to it. From the founder father Rev. R. T. Noble, right to our present Chairman, The Most Rev Dr. Govada Dyvasirvadam, the management is magnanimous enough to give a special place to the Noble College (Autonomous), Machilipatnam. Self Study Report (Cycle-II) Tr.ID:APCOGN13690 4 marginalized along with people from other walks of life in imparting holistic education.

The revived Noble College was formerly affiliated to Andhra University, Waltair till 1985. Then, in the year 1985 the affiliation was shifted to Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur and presently it is affiliated to Krishna University, Machilipatnam since 2010. Postgraduate course M.Sc (Chemistry) was started in the year 2003-04. The Autonomous status attained in the year 2007-08, is a feather in our cap for it is the first of its kind in Machilipatnam.

Conformant of Autonomous Status

Need for excellence has come to be the hallmark, to reach great place and vistas. At the right time, a right decision was taken by the management in opting for the autonomous status. The greatest advantage with autonomous status is that it gives room to adopt the syllabus that’s befitting to face the contemporary challenges. Since 2007, the college has been working under the autonomous norms to send the students with more confidence into the competitive world. The statutory bodies like Governing Body, Academic Council, Board of Studies, Finance Committee etc., are formulated in accordance with UGC guidelines. In addition to the above statutory committees, non-statutory committees such as Planning and Evaluation Committee, Admission Committee, Library Committee, Student Welfare Committee, Extra-Curricular Activities Committee, Appeals and Grievances Committee, Academic Audit Committee, Sports and Games Committee, Examination Committee are formulated for meaningful decentralization of power and administration.

Profile of the college

To speak on the profile of the college, it offers 13 programmes at UG level and 1 programme at PG level. The Student strength for the academic year 2015-16 is 600. About 82.5% belong to Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe and other Backward Castes. The college houses children from different Cultural, Socio-economic backgrounds and all walks of life. We have 46 faculty on rolls. The college is blessed with 6 Ph.Ds and 20 M.Phils. Most of our Lecturers are pursuing Ph.D/M.Phil on part-time basis. There are 33 Non- Noble College (Autonomous), Machilipatnam. Self Study Report (Cycle-II) Tr.ID:APCOGN13690 5 Teaching and supportive staff. Inter disciplinary programmes like B.Sc Computer Science, B.Sc Statistics, B.Sc Electronics and M.Sc Organic Chemistry are run successfully to keep abreast of the fast changing economical scenario at national & international level. Indian Heritage and Culture, Science and Civilization, Environmental Science and Value Education are compulsory subjects at UG Level. Practicals were introduced in English and Mathematics. The Feedback from the students helps the staff and the management to indicate the needed remedial measures.

The entire admission process is transparent. Admission into UG programmes depends on the performance of the individual in Intermediate Public Examinations not violating the statutory reservations as per the guidelines of Government of Andhra Pradesh, especially to the students related to the management section. Moreover 33.33 percent of seats are reserved for women students.

Life as it stands today is turning to be quite challenging and competitive for our youngsters, especially to the students of Machilipatnam which is urban in letter but rural in nature. More than 60% of our students are both economically and academically backward. So, remedial coaching is arranged for all the academically weak students. Each lecturer is entrusted with a small group of students to have a healthy mentor system. Few of the records maintained by every lecturer are – annual academic plan, teaching notes, teaching diary etc. Educational tours, industrial tours, field trips, surveys, problem solving sessions are various opportunities provided to all groups of students, to make themselves competitive to encounter the latest trends. Even the faculty is provided with an opportunity to attend orientation/ Refresher Courses/ National/ Internal Seminars/ Workshops etc, quite a good numbers of lecturers have contributed to journals of national and international repute.

The college under autonomous status follows semester system and has internal assessments which include written tests, assignments, classroom seminars, and the final end semester examination. Practical examinations have been conducted at the end of academic year but from 2015-16 these examinations are being conducted at the end of every semester.

Two students of PG and one student from UG (BA Telugu) won gold medals and `20,000 cash award and a Tab worth `10,000 each for securing highest mark in their respective subjects. These awards are introduced for the first time for the outgoing batch of 2014-15 by our Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sri. N. Chandra Babu Naidu.

Dr. T.E Divakar is the director for Research activity in our institution. He is selected as the bonafide Research Director both by Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur and Krishna University, Machilipatnam. He had successfully guided 6 M.Phils.

Two of our faculty have completed UGC sponsored Minor Research Projects one in English and the other in Mathematics. The Department of Commerce has conducted UGC-Sponsored National Seminar on “Inclusive Noble College (Autonomous), Machilipatnam. Self Study Report (Cycle-II) Tr.ID:APCOGN13690 6 Banking system in India-Problems & Prospects” on 7th, 8th March 2013. Three UGC sponsored National Seminars were organized by Women Empowerment Cell, Department of Telugu and Department of Chemistry respectively during 13th, 14th February 2015, 10th, 19th February 2015 and 20th , 20th February 2015. Many of our faculty members not only participated but also presented papers in the National Seminar/ International Seminars. Some projects were carried out by students with the guidance of faculty. The institution has academic contact with all departments of Acharya Nagarjuna University as well as Krishna University. The Registrar of KRU is the university representative on our Governing Body.

The college has two units in the NSS wing one for the boys and one for the girls. These units have adopted the areas Adarsh Nagar & Arunodhaya colony of Machilipatnam. There is one NCC (Army) unit, which the college is proud of.

Cultural wing has conducted Youth Festival on 19th July in the year 2013, and has quite a good number of credits in its bag. In the field of sports also, the college has made its mark.

Amenities available in the college are

32 classrooms

9 laboratories (25 systems in language lab and 50 systems in computer lab with LAN facility)

1 library for UG with internet and LAN

2 seminar halls

1 Auditorium

1 Multi gym

1 Girls waiting room

1 Play ground (4.86 acres).

1 Boys hostel (Accommodation for 100 students)

1 Girls hostel (Accommodation for 70 students)

Endowment Prizes are instituted in addition to the regular scholarships from the government. The amounts received from the government during the last five academic years are given in the following table.

Academic Year Amount released
2011–12 44,10,468.00
2012–13 44,53,426.00
2013–14 46,67,622.00
2014–15 44,44,655.00
2015–16 26,38,667.00

Medical Camp is an annual feature. We have adopted Sarada Nagar for medical camp. Health checkup for students also is a regular feature. The college has women empowerment cell and it organizes periodically awareness programmes and extends its support to all the different functional bodies in the college. They have participated at the University, National & International level as well. Grievance Redressel Cell redressed a number of grievances of students. Alumni is at work. There is a strong sportsmen unit in the college. Noble College (Autonomous), Machilipatnam. Self Study Report (Cycle-II) Tr.ID:APCOGN13690 7 Students participated in all sports & games that they are interested in, at the University, State & National level. The Vision & Mission statements speak of the spirit to inculcate moral values along with education to make them complete students.

Both formal and informal meetings are arranged to have interaction between the Management and Principal with Staff to instruct and discuss different issues relating the college. Periodical meetings take place between Principal and the Staff. 25 committees are formed to discharge various responsibilities for the smooth running of the college.

The Governing Body is the apex body and has power to take decision in all aspects, concerning the governance of the college. The Governing Body is formed with the following dignitaries Chairman, UGC Nominee, University Nominee, Principal of the College, Secretary & Member, Treasurer, Nominated Member, Staff Representative, Staff member, Recording Secretary. The Governing Body meets once in a year to take decisions regarding all the matters of the institution. The resolutions of the Academic Council have to be finally approved in the Governing Body Meeting.

The other body is the Academic Council. It has been constituted to function as an academic body to offer suggestions regarding college academic matters and submit to Governing Body for final approval. The following are the members of the academic council – Principal, HOD’s of all faculties and three Nominees of the University.

Internal Quality Assurance system takes care of the internal and external examinations, Mentor System, Departmental Meetings, Self Assessment Reports, Feedback from the students etc. One of the regular features of the college is Internal Audit.

Making use of the two seminar rooms, quite a good number of learning programmes at UG level are conducted to increase the caliber of the students. Student’s charter of Government of Andhra Pradesh, a statutory provision made by Government of Andhra Pradesh during 2000 is followed scrupulously. Staff Association, Staff Representative, Andhra Pradesh Aided Colleges’ Teachers Association and the Non-teaching union, look after the grievances of the teaching and non-teaching staff.

Exchange programme is an added feather in the cap of Noble College. Noble college has partnership and collaboration with Laubach College in Germany.

The college has an Alumni association. They sponsor a few academic awards / prizes to encourage and inspire the students. As and when the need arises, the Alumni association comes forward to take part in sharing the responsibilities.

In conclusion it can be stated that the college is trying its best in following the norms of the Autonomous College, which helps to have a bright future. Due care is being taken to achieve all round excellence and the institution ever tries to live up to its Vision & Mission.