Academic Council

Academic Council has been constituted to function as an academic body to offer suggestions regarding college academic matters and submit to Governing Body for final approval. The following are the members of the academic council –
Dr. P.V. Anila
Principal (FAC)

HOD’s of all Faculties
Nominees of the University
Prof. K. Sundara Krishna
Principal, Krishna University, M.T.M
Dr. C.M. Vinay Kumar
Assistant Prof.  Krishna University.
Prof. N. Usha
Assotiate Prof.  Krishna University.

Members Nominated By The Chairman
Rev. Dr. T. Ramani Ramya Krupa
President,  Women’s Fellowship, CSI
Correspondent of Bishop Azariah College
Dr. K. Sudharshan
Asst. Surgeon,
Ramesh Cardiac Centre Vijayawada.
Mr. Vijay Pradhan

Senior Teachers of the College
Dr. T. Joseph
Dr. G.B. Ananda Kumar
Mrs. C. Ratna Mary
Mr. J.N.J. Raj

Member Secretary
Mr. K.J.A. Samuel