We Praise God for this wonderful partnership with friends overseas. From the past 30 years we have been enjoying good rapport with our friends in LAUBACH College. This relationship creates room for an awareness of Culture, tradition, history, class room teaching methods etc. from either sides.
It is not just the college with the management that is involved but is extended to the staff working in the college. The programme is scheduled with many events like visit to important historical places to have first hand information; participation in the Church helps one to get acquainted with the order of services. German language classes are arranged to those interested in learning the language. Thus this partnership helps to have a thorough and true knowledge about one another and grows in Christ's love.
We thank all our leaders especially Prov. Rev.Dr.Matthias Schmidt, Rev. Bernd Apel, Mr. Ralf Gaar, Prof. Dr. Jorg Kruger and Mrs. Dr. Ellen Reuther, Director, Director Laubach Kolleg, Dr.P.V.Anila, Principal, Noble College and others for having a big heart to continue the healthy happy relationship. From this side we thank our Bishop, Rt Rev Dr. G.Dyvasirvadam, Krishna Godavari Diocese and Mr. G. Samuel Sudhir, Secretary of Krishna Godavari Diocese, and secretary of the Partnership program in helping us to go forward and enjoy this bond with the friends at Germany, especially LAUBACH College.
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