Principal’s chamber

Dr. P.V. Anila – Principal

M.A, M.Phill, Ph.D

Mobile: +91 9908788783

Dear Visitor,

The action of the small sweet & blossom in the dust.

I feel it a privilege and joy to invite you to this historical college of 175 years old. It is one of the five oldest institution established in British Indi. It is started as school in 1843 and blossomed into college. Rev. Robert Turlington Noble sent by the Christian Missionary Society, England, is the Founder father. The concern right from our Founder father to our present prime mover Chairman & Correspondent Rt. Rev. Dr. Govada Dyvasirvadam, is the welfare of the marginalized. Noble college gave people of living end to the world and was cradle for many great sons of India.

Inheriting such a rich legacy should be at once a blessing and exhilarating for a person like me to be at the helm of affairs. I am the 11th Principal after the Indian legacy took over. Before that – Principals were Britishers. It’s my duty to keep up the prestige of the College. I shall to the best of my ability in strengthen the vision as well as the mission in the areas – teaching-learning, research, & social activities. With God’s intervention & your best wishes, College will have a steady and well guided transition into the future and prepare itself to encounter the challenges ahead of us.

With joy